Our Mission:

At Envision Arts, we strive to provide avenues to showcase and share creative artworks of many mediums and art style. Should you choose any opportunity to collaborate with Envision, THE ARTIST is the guest of honor! Attention to detail, display and distinction is of utmost importance.

We provide several opportunities for emerging artists, as well as established artists, to exhibit their works both in person and virtually, broaden their professional network, connect with other artists and creatives, become published both online and in print, and build relationships with potential clients, collectors, and industry leads, such as gallery directors and curators.

Our jurors and co-jurors select artists and art work based on key criteria including originality, composition, and technique among others. To ensure the accomplishment of both the artist and event, we engage in a strict and proven submission-based process and commission from art sales.

Submissions are open to all artists over 21. We look forward to promoting and showcasing your work!


Ginger Cochran

Founder / Director

Envision Arts founder, Dallas-based artist, and curator, Ginger Cochran has directed, or served as a juror, for numerous exhibitions throughout north and south Texas, as well as Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. She is gallery director for Armadillo Art Gallery in Denton TX. She has a passion for the emerging artists’ sense of community and strives to create opportunities for all artists to network and build working relationships with other artists, clients, industry leads and persons of influence for their careers.


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Reanna Dipaolo

Production Assistant

Frisco-based artist, and recent MBA grad, Reanna DiPaolo has served as collaborator and co-juror with director, Ginger, for numerous art exhibitions and projects. Her work has been displayed throughout north Texas.