exhibition proposals

Envision Arts has now partnered to open Armadillo Art Gallery in historic Denton Texas. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Armadillo Art Gallery, in collaboration with Envision Arts, will review proposals for exhibitions. Exhibitions are scheduled for 6-8 weeks. Group and solo exhibitions are possible. Exhibitions are booked in advance.


Requests for exhibition are reviewed and approved by a panel including the Envision Arts team members, Armadillo Art Gallery director and a guest panelist. Envision Arts, in conjunction with Armadillo Art Gallery, reserves the right to revoke exhibition approval should the submitted work fail to meet gallery standards.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for your submission to be reviewed and returned. Once a determination has been made concerning your request, you will be notified. Specific questions about the submission process or guidelines may be addressed by sending an email to armadilloartgallery@gmail.com.

If your work is selected for exhibition, you will be asked to sign and return an Exhibition Contract / Waiver. Contracts / Waivers not signed and returned within two weeks of the date on contract will be voided. Once an artist has been selected for an exhibition, the committee stops accepting applications for that space and time. The committee may, however, accept artists for a waiting list. Therefore, if a signed Exhibition Contract is not received within the allotted time, the committee may withdraw acceptance and offer the space to another artist.


Armadillo Art Gallery is located within the Armadillo Ale Works and Cryptozoology Coffee Shop building. The vintage building boasts antique exposed brick, industrial elements, hard wood and polished concrete floors, and ample natural light. Preferred exhibitions will include between 10 - 20 artworks. Specs available upon request.

**Lodging and travel expenses not included.


A 30% commission is retained from artist sales.