FOCUs: a photography collective

BEST IN SHOW: Frank and Imogen, 2016

Tiffani Hinkle - Texas, United States - I am an artist, wife, and mother of two. I've lived in Texas my entire life, and I find great joy in developing my own film in my kitchen sink. Our living situation is unconventional, which I believe greatly influences my work. We moved in with my in-laws so that my husband could pursue a new career path, and they have five adopted kids. My work, informed by the chaos of our lives, focuses on the themes of the day to day, and motherhood, with a touch of whimsy. I shoot with several different cameras, digital and analog. [This collection was] shot with a medium forma Holga lomography camera with 120mm film, and a Rolleiflex TLR film camera. @hinktif07 Facebook

Lisa Waddell (b. 1961) - Texas, United States - Using her iPhone and a few well-chosen apps Lisa creates award winning fine art photographs. Nature is a favorite subject; flowers, in all their life stages, in particular. In her photography practice, Lisa is continually influenced by shibusa, the Japanese aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty. To a lesser extent she is also influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi; which very loosely means finding beauty in the imperfect, the impermanent and the incomplete. Her signature style is that of simplicity and minimalism. @lisa_marie_waddell Facebook

Marissa Kucharek - Kansas, United States - My creative side started about 6-7 years ago with photography. I was inspired by my aunt and took photos non stop. As I got to high school, I took several art classes and by my senior year, I knew I wanted to continue on and get deeper into the art field. I'm currently an Art Major student at a University with a concentration in photography and painting. The artistic process of my photography work starts off with multiple ideas that come to mind. I write them down and then try to see what I can come up with for a composition. I work in both Film and Digital photography. I have to think of different approaches with whatever camera I am using at the time. If I am going for something creative, colorful, conceptual I will use digital. And if I am going for something elegant, a lot of contrast, bold I will use film. My work is influenced by surrealism, pop art, dark art, and abstract styles. I [shoot with] a Canon 80D and a PentaxK1000. @invisible_sins Facebook

Rohan Dumbre - Mumbai, India - I am [a] practicing artist and photographer based in Mumbai.  My works I feel like the journey of an everyday man, you can find a very similarity of Mumbai daily life diary. The idea of doing a series on urban chaos especially focusing structures came to mind as I was not able to complete architecture course, but in inner mind and conscious, there is always an attachment and liking towards architecture. And so, I have produced this series. Working on same juxtaposing technique, I have produced [this] photographic series on the first series on ‘Dhobi Ghat- Worlds biggest open laundry in Mumbai’ and the second one is ‘Structures’. [This collection,] Urban Chaos is the … photography series clicked at different places in Mumbai city. @rohen_dumbre

Pelin Hoskan - Texas, United States - I am Pelin and my journey with photography started the moment I switched my SLR camera to Manual Mode. Catching the most meaningful moment between an infinite array of possibilities is my primary passion right next to travelling, chocolate, trekking with my boys, meeting new people and reading everything and anything. Originally from Istanbul, I lived and worked in London and Brussels. Then, I fell in love and my love brought me to United States in 2005, where I still live, with frequent visits to my lovely hometown. When I take a picture, my primary goal is to catch the genuine smile and emotion while showing the loveliness, charm, strength and warmth of people. I use digital camera, I like edit my digital image at Lightroom. @pelinpelinim Facebook

Ginger Cochran (b. 1982) - Texas, United States - Ginger Cochran is a contemporary, mixed media abstract artist living in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two sons. Ginger is entirely self-taught; focusing in abstract expressionism and using a variety of media with an acrylic base. She is also an avid photographer, utilizing vintage film, digital and mobile photography. @gingercochranart @gingysays Facebook

Reanna DiPaolo - Texas, United States - Denton-based artist, and recent MBA grad, Reanna DiPaolo has served as collaborator and co-juror with director, Ginger, for numerous art exhibitions and projects. Her work has been displayed throughout north Texas.

@reanna142 Facebook