identity: a collective in self-portraiture

BEST IN SHOW: Just a Moment # 7, 2018

Susan Fraser-Hughes - Vancouver, Canada - These works are part of a series of fifteen drawings in charcoal on mylar. Each drawing, entitled Just a Moment, are studies of a head in various stages of profile. The facial features on each head are minimal. With every turn, a slightly different personality. Too often, the face I have presented publically has not reflected my thoughts, emotions and feelings. To protect myself, and in some ways, to protect others, I have donned a mask, presenting what I feel others want to see, rather than what truly lies beneath.  Just a Moment, visually explores the idea of masks. At the same time, it explores how, on occasion, authenticity is able to make its way through.

Molly Shirrell - Texas, United States - My name is Molly Shirrell and I am a realist figure painter living in DFW. I strive to convey human forms with emotive color palettes and poses, showing a wide range of emotions clearly through my work. I have found that sitting behind a canvas does not fulfill my need to help others, so I have begun to raise money for suicide awareness and prevention in North Texas, a cause close to my heart. I contribute 15% of my total sales to the American Federation for Suicide Prevention. I have struggled with anxiety and depression myself and I know firsthand how difficult mental illness can be to overcome or even just to manage. By creating beautiful works of art, I remind myself that every second is precious, each relationship has great value, and that there is infinite beauty in every moment of this incredible life. @molly_shirrell_art Facebook

Jamie Bigham - Tennessee, United States - I am a photographer, graphic designer, and fashion designer from Memphis, Tennessee, USA. I am in my last weeks at Memphis College of Art earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in photography and a minor in art history. My professional experience consists primarily of commercial product photography and studio portraiture which has given me the skills to shoot clean, professional images in and out of a lighting studio. My fine art work retains a commercial aesthetic while pushing symbolism and meaning to explore ideas of feminism and wellness. My most recent series consists of studio self-portraits in which I overcome my fear surrounding the stigma of shame of female body hair by proudly displaying my armpit hair and then dying it pink in attempt to sarcastically be seen as a "something of a woman." @jamie_bigham Facebook

Anthony Tekala - New Mexico, United States - My artwork deals with the problems of being a Native American in a modern world. This idea of having to face multiple problems. Some of those problems relating to the idea of poverty, pain, and depression. As well it deals with this idea of being stuck between two worlds. How I try to find a balance between the worlds.


Marisa S. White - Colorado, United States - We all have a story to tell, a past consisting of a journey of twists and turns that brought us to the very place we stand today. It’s the stories that relate us to one another, finding that common thread and forging an acquaintance into a friendship. I share my own narrative through my art, inspired by happenings, lyrics and emotions, often creating settings touched with nuances of surrealism. Like with any memory, recalling it exactly as it happened is nearly impossible. And when age and the ticking clock take over, memories soften and curl around the edges. So I hope to pause specific moments in time, as I see them, no matter how mundane or fantastical. To purge restraining emotions, to look for the promise of tomorrow and to reflect on days long gone. To create images that reflect the human condition. @marisa_whitesparks Facebook

Josh Loeser - Arkansas, United States - These self-portraits began as a response to Donald Trump's inauguration as President. They serve both as observations of what the administration has done and as a compass for myself.  The self-portraits are not done each day, and instead are subject to both the circumstances of my life and those of the Trump administration. I am a photographer who has focused on portraiture.  I use both film and digital cameras to create my work. @joshloeser

Antoaneta Hillman - Texas, United States - I don't question my desire to paint, I am thankful that it exists and gives my life direction. Leonardo’s words, that painting is a poetry seen rather than the heart, reflected in my attitude towards painting. I put the continuity of the idea and the transformation of reality into a new world at the start of every work. Chagall, Van Gogh, Dali, and Klimt are the artists who have a major influence on me. I can say that admiration of the great artists is the first step on the road to art. I couldn't separate poetry from painting and this is the duality that brings to existence cerise of works like connected trout White, Ice House and Disconnected conversation. I have been drowned to the beauty of the minimal but exact expression in the form of art and for me, this is the key to say a lot if not everything. Facebook @antoanetamelnikovahillman

Allison Lemon - Arkansas, United States - My work visually explores juxtaposing fragments of my life. Some of these themes are explicitly portrayed; others served only as a starting point. I attempt to make compositions that feel uncomfortable to create spaces that are both sympathetic and critical of their content. I often feel a sense of impostor syndrome, both in my artistic life and in the traditional, conservative world in which I was raised. Feeling to weird for my family and childhood friends and too normal for the art world, I've begun to seek a void between that feels like home. The pieces included are made of drawings that have been cut up and re-collaged to create new compositions. The longer my drawings and collages live in my studio, the more likely it is that they will be cut apart to become something new. This process has allowed me to create less familiar compositions that reflect the uncomfortable mental state they are made under. @artofalemon

Alan Vincent - Massachusetts, United States - Alan Severin Vincent is a Boston based visual artist working with themes of gender and queer identity, memory, and nature. They have received their BFA in Photography from Lesley Art+Design, in Cambridge, MA. They have over twenty house plants, and have recently discovered the power of black turtlenecks. @severinvincent

Kate Schneider - Pennsylvania, United States - My hope is to guide my viewer to a world that is plentiful of visceral experiences, to let them feel the juice drip down their face as they bite into a peach. What I ask of my viewer is to consider a state if ecstasy. Nudity is not intended to be voyeuristic, but rather expresses ease and comfort. In my self-portraiture I often bare my chest. Not just to display my comfort and ease with nudity, but to prove that I too have nipples. I too have wisps of shameful scars, rolls of joyous hills of fat.  For my viewer I will sink my face into a bed of dry withered grass. So you too can imagine the crunch and crinkle of being surrounded by expired vegetation. These acts of galumphing are not a luxury but a necessity of being.

Larysa Jaromska - Mazovia, Poland - Painting is silent poesie , Simonides, Anciet  Greek poet. I [have a] master of Fine arts, graduated from Academy of Fine Art, Poland. I am [on] the board of Polish Society of Artists, painting section. I exhibit [my work in] Poland and abroad now in Venice. These are images inspirited by my face from young time, now, and Allegory of Autumn with Allegoric portraiture.


Boyana Aleksova - Birmingham, United Kingdom - Boyana Aleksova is a Bulgarian-born fine artist whose main medium is photography, painting and printmaking. The main concept of her work is identity, belonging and heartbreak. Her paintings, prints of installations have been shown in multiple exhibitions in the UK and Bulgaria. She is a part of The New Masters, a Bulgarian-based group of artists who engage with the public through group exhibitions and public art. The work is mainly digital. I work with Canon EOS 700D and edit through Photoshop. @boyana.aleksova Facebook

Ginger Cochran (b. 1982) - Texas, United States - Ginger Cochran is a contemporary, mixed media abstract artist living in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two sons. Ginger is entirely self-taught; focusing in abstract expressionism and using a variety of media with an acrylic base. She is also an avid photographer, utilizing vintage film, digital and mobile photography. @gingercochranart @gingysays Facebook