A Better Future

"I paint because I am unable not to paint! With my paintings I want to express moods and
emotions. I paint straight from the heart, using all the impressions from my daily life."  - from the artist

Photo credit:  Peter Søndergaard

Photo credit: Peter Søndergaard

"What painting means to me? EVERYTHING! I could never live without it. Working in my studio is wonderful! I leave this world behind to enter into my own fantastic universe where I am quite simply happy: Completely lost in space and time, a sanctuary for my restless mind." - from the artist

A View From the Inside , 2016

A View From the Inside, 2016

Q: What inspired this particular collection you submitted?

A: I am always inspired by what is going on around me, it may be in my close surroundings or what is going on in the world around us. Especially during the last years, a lot of refugees were trying to get to Europe, mostly by boat, hoping for a bright and better future and I think that most of my recent paintings show this subject.

Europe's Light , 2016

Europe's Light, 2016

Q: What kindled you to develop this painting style?

A: Well as far as concerning the style, I love to paint abstract or figurative in an abstract way, where it is up to the viewer to discover all the hidden things in my paintings. Everyone is seeing it differently and I love when people have a total different idea of what is going on in the painting. To be able to discover new things every day is great and this is what make the painting alive. I love to use a lot of layers in my paintings and I use a narrow palette with toned-down colors most of the time.

Waiting , 2017

Waiting, 2017

Q: What countries have you shown or displayed in?

A: I have had solo exhibitions in two galleries in Finland, in Helsinki and in Oulu, in northern Finland, as well I have had solo exhibitions in many capitals in Europe, [such as] Amsterdam, Paris, London, Munich, Stockholm at Hilton Hotels. The exhibitions in Finland were established in a funny way. I had an opening in a small gallery in the center of Copenhagen, when suddenly two Finnish men walked in. They were really impressed by my works and after we chatted for a while I asked them what they were doing professionally. One of them was the Sr. Planner at Finland’s National Gallery and I was really happy that someone in that position loved my works. He encouraged me to exhibit in Helsinki and set me up with a gallery owner who instantly loved my works. During my exhibition in Oulu later that year, this guy bought a large painting from the exhibition. I sold 6 artworks in Finland. Beside this I have exhibited a lot in Denmark and I was also giving a 30-minute interview to a local TV-program “Art right now” last year. It was a portrait of me and my art. I was later contacted by an Italian curator, who asked me to join a joint exhibition in Bologna, Italy.

Abandoned, 2017.

Abandoned, 2017.

Q: We were very impressed by the work, Abandoned. Is there a hidden message behind this piece?

A: The artwork Abandoned is part of the series about people somehow not really fitting in our society. In this artwork, I see a couple on their way out of town, simply because they were not accepted by the society. They came to the country and tried to fit in, but everybody turned their back on them. In this artwork, I have used the toned-down colors that I so often use in my paintings.

On Our Way , 2016

On Our Way, 2016

Q: What led you to become an artist?

A: I haven’t been painting for a long time, 5 1/2 years to be specific. It all started when I got more routine tasks at my job as an employee in a medicine company, where I worked with all the on-hand creative tasks in communications. I am not that good at handling routine tasks for a longer period and I missed the creativity. One day I went to my attic, where I saw all the painting stuff I inherited from my father a few years earlier. He was taking some evening classes during the last years of his life, and I think I took his gear for sentimental reasons. Well I took it down and started painting - me who had never, ever painted or drawn anything, [and] who knew absolutely nothing about it, and of course it was clearly shown in the two paintings I made. I thought, well you can’t do that and put it in the attic again. A few months later, I went to the attic again and took my gear with me in the apartment. 'This time I will do it right', I thought and I went to the internet, where I read and watched videos on YouTube for hours and hours, weeks and months where I watched other artists painting, read about colors and how to mix colors, techniques and so on. THEN, I started painting and I have developed a lot since then. I also took some physical art classes and here I am working as a full-time artist. I have never thought that I would be good at this, but apparently, I have a special sense for mixing colors and getting a very calm expression with my narrow palette.

Freedom , 2017

Freedom, 2017

"The process of creation is wonderful, it is my PASSION - and equally great is the joy of
touching others through my art. When I have sold a painting, and my clients write me that they are happy with it, I feel very privileged indeed." - from the artist

Photo credit:  Peter Søndergaard

Photo credit: Peter Søndergaard

The Danish artist Anitta Jonas was born in Copenhagen in 1960 into a family of 4. Her mother passed away when she was 7, an experience that profoundly influences her life to this day. She has led a rather turbulent life, and painting is a way for her to express herself and to reconcile her fears and memories. The feeling of abandonment is an ongoing theme in many of her works. 

She [is] inspired by Colombian Artist, Nubia Gala, and Croatian artist, Mila Plaickner, as well as many other expressionist artists. Along the way she discovered that she had a special talent for mixing her own shades of colors, using a toned-down and very narrow palette. She works exclusively with acrylics because it dries fast and thus complements her way of painting, impatient as she is. Furthermore, she uses a lot of charcoal and graphite in her artworks.

She has exhibited in galleries in Finland as well as various Hilton hotels throughout Europe. In November 2017, she will attend the joint exhibition, “Little Treasures” in Bologna, Italy.

Anitta wants her art to involve the viewer, to point to a deeper state of mind. She is often told by collectors that they find her works to be strangely soothing or relaxing. Not an easy artist to categorize, she paints her moods as they evolve - abstract or figurative, quiet or violent, soothing or evocative. She is inspired by people, situations, colors - and whenever an idea forms, she is compelled to commit it to canvas to set her mind at ease.

Anitta lives north of Copenhagen, with the youngest of her two sons, where she runs a small gallery.

To learn more about the artist and view her work, visit her website at www.anittajonas.com. You can also view her work on Facebook and Instagram.

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