Another Day

Another Day

a poem by Katie C E Major

To be a poet,
You must think of an emotion
One that's either scarred or made you smile
To write the things
Your head has thought up for a while.

You can sit there tapping on the keys
Or holding your hands between your knees
For a comfort of knowing
Your words will ease.

But, in reality do we know
Our emotions will continue to grow
No matter how much we write or speak
Are we willing to take that leap?

I can sit alone, the heaviness in my heart like a tumor
Is it worth this life and house I call home?

I can smile and I can cry,
With a burden of being alive.
Although I'm happy, there’s a knock on my brain screaming away this pain.

I find beauty in the rain, and clouds in a sunny day.
I'm mixed and matched with a balance of happy and sad.

This is just human, this is us with no phase. I've tasted death with my own hands, a mistake only few will live through to make.
And above all I can honestly say, yin and yang is worth holding on for just another day.

Your mind will change and your heart will beat, with tears rolling down your cheeks. You will see tomorrow, with a smile and say
"I'm glad I made it, another day."

About the author:

Katie C E Major is a 21 year old student studying Psychology, Sociology, English Literature and Math, as well as photographer and a published author. Her goal is to be a psychology professor, and teach others to help others.

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