Common Artist Marketing Mistakes

Let’s face it. Being an artist is tough.

Whether you are an emerging artist, or are somewhat established, getting your work in the limelight can be super challenging. However, you may be unintentionally shooting yourself in the foot.

Fortunately, Envision Magazine is pleased to share some “Marketing DON’TS!” that sadly, many artists face everyday. Brought to you by Dallas’s own, @dallasartcritic!

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1. Don’t comment on other people’s social media “hey come check out my work and follow me.” It rarely works, ever, & is more likely to get you blocked. 

2. Don’t show up to a gallery opening & corner the artist or gallery owner about seeing your portfolio. The night isn’t about you, but is about celebrating the work of the artist that is being showcased. If you want to pick their brain or get advice do so at a more appropriate time. 

3. Don’t neglect your website. I’ll say it again, don’t neglect your website. This can be in the form of a blog where you can showcase the progression of a work, & share videos of you painting. Keep up to date on show information, & post new work. Also don’t neglect SEO, it’s about key words & allowing google to find you. 

4. Don’t be something you are not, be true to you. Don’t feel like your artist statement has to look like it was written by Plato or Nietzsche. Share information about you & what drives you, show the real you. 

5. Don’t be an echo, be a voice. Don’t play follow the leader & do whatever you think is popular, because you are probably wrong. You have to believe in your work first, before you can expect others too. 

6. Don’t let rejection & critics force you out. It is one opinion and everyone has a different one. Take what you need to so you can improve, but don’t live & die by the “no’s” because you will get “yes’s” too. 

7. Don’t think you can ever coast - you can’t. You constantly have to keep up with marketing, even if you are Banksy and Sotheby’s. 

8. Don’t just accept the terms of a gallery who wants to represent you if it doesn’t feel right. If they truly want to represent your work, it shouldn’t be just on their terms. It should be mutually beneficial. 

9. Don’t hide behind social media. You still have to get out there & actually meet people in the real world & make actual contacts. Don’t neglect artist meet ups or openings or lectures - get dressed and go talk to people!

10. Don’t give in to burnout. Keep pushing through & keep creating. Don’t expect overnight success; it takes years of hard work.

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