Earth Mother



We were pleased to have received numerous submissions from talented artists across 14 US states and 7 countries, including Russia, Poland, Israel, New Zealand and Canada. We could not be more proud to reach so many amazing artists from around the globe!

We are pleased to announce Best in Show winner as Li-Mi-Yan & Sadovsky, from Moscow, Russia, for their piece titled Bacteria 10, 2018.

Bacteria 10, 2018, print on plastic, 70 x 50 sm, $300

Bacteria 10, 2018, print on plastic, 70 x 50 sm, $300

About the artists:

Russian artists Katherina Sadovsky and Lilia Li-Mi-Yan have been working together since 2016. In addition to collaborative projects, each artist is engaged separately in her own art practice. They both studied photography in Rodchenko Art School. After graduation, the artists began to experiment with materials, moving away from a simple photo image and penetrating into it as painters or sculptors. Li-Mi-Yan and Sadovsky explore the themes of death, violence and deformation ā€“ not only physical, but also mental. Artists take the viewer by the hand and travel together through the dark forest of consciousness, where one can easily get lost and fail to determine what is actually alive and what is dead. Where each action can be equally destructive and creative. Death always has a beginning and has no end. And the world will always fight against violence, creating it even more.

To learn more about the artists and view more of their work, please visit You may also follow Katherina Sadovsky on Instagram @sadovskykat.

Iā€™d also like to take a moment to list our honorable mentions for this exhibit. Lorraine Woodruff-Long, from California, U.S., for her recycled materials quilts, and Moti Bazak, from Givatayim, Israel, for his reclaimed wood sculpture.

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