For a Tree

A poem by Doug King

Untitled, 2018. Pastel on rice paper. Doug King

Untitled, 2018. Pastel on rice paper. Doug King

For a tree

to sit quietly

is no chore at all

Whether in the sun

or where there is none

there is no worry

Amongst its friends

the love it sends

together they flourish

After a time

one might find

their lives have


Photo credit: Doug King

Photo credit: Doug King

About the author / artist:

Doug King is a talented artist, writer and film-maker living and working in Dallas, TX. He is currently Editor-in-Chief for Dallas Style and Design Magazine and continues to write freelance in addition to painting.

To view more of his art work, follow him on Instagram @dougking5150. For information on film / screenplay and publishing, please visit

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