Her Voice

Her Voice

a poem by Abraham McDaniel

Her voice is like listening to a seashell I watched the boats come into the harbor which sooth my restlessness the winds of mystery pick up as eyes meet and her  is of sustenance that open portals that create a state of comfort and ease making a canopy that smells of organic matter to view the serendipitous dawns on fates horizons

Her eyes sparkle like hummingbirds’ wings glimmering in the summer sun her awareness creates streams of interconnection that murmur stories of her beautiful mystery in a brief moment of a glance filled with vitality sweeping away illusions from reality so there are levels of fertility for amazing-ness to unfold and grow

Looking into her crystalline eyes filled with fates horizons he feels a sense of peace and comfort like returning home after a long journey relief like putting his sore feet into a rivers cool element she has a music in her depths like rapids filled with effortless graceful power whose sound is soothing and helps him sleep

Her eyes are opal skies her lips are the dark pigment of pomegranate jewels there is lightning in her essence and thunder in her soul creating a perfect storm opening portals where minds connect like mycellium threads discovering rhythms that beat in unison echoing off canyon walls in labyrinths of this painted desert finding an Oasis of heightened senses so seeds will sprout

About the author:

Abraham McDaniel was born and raised in the Sacramento, CA area. He attended a Waldorf Elementary School and then a Quaker high school. After high school, he traveled working on organic farms and exploring. Now he lives in his favorite place, spending time doing what he loves to do.

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