Hit Me

Hit Me

a poem by Eslam Dabank


Something in the Way, 2018.  Artist: GJ Gillespie . Mixed media collage, 24 x 18 inches

Something in the Way, 2018. Artist: GJ Gillespie. Mixed media collage, 24 x 18 inches

Hit me with the knives you sharpened with your rage,
Hit me with the words you wished you released out of the cage,
Hit me with the floods coming out of your eyes, the undesirable wreckage,
Hit me with the revenge you composed, to stay for your soul, a heritage,
Hit me with the dreams you wrote on that vintage page,
Hit me with the memories you drowned down the rivage.

Hit me with the passion I made you fantasize,
Hit me with the pain you can't verbalize,
Hit me with the struggle I gave as an advice,
Hit me with the sorrows that won't let you rise,
Hit me with the filth unleashed of my vice,
Hit me with the agony I'd enjoy to poetise,
Hit me with the sadness you should idolize,
Hit me with the deception that I got to, on you, idealize.

Hit me with the thoughts you ignited in your head,
Hit me with the lies I loved you with instead,
Hit me with the cries that to your end, have led.
Hit me with the words I never dared to let being said.
Hit me with the regret that you'll never get,
Hit me with the anger, you, because of me, have met.
Hit me with the ages of misery, I've for you set.

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

Eslam Dabank, a Palestinian Ukrainian artist, poet and songwriter. 19 years old. Was born in Sumy, Ukraine, but currently living in Bethlehem, Palestine, and also a student at Bethlehem University. 

“I started my journey of literature when I was 15. I wrote simple songs in a messy way, but my writings improved with time, and got better.” – the author



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