I Am Full

I Am Full - Pregnancy Poem

By Kristin Mays


Water has soaked every bit of earth I was made up of

I am full


My skin is too tight, holding it all together

There is no room for me anymore


The core of me holds the most,

soaking once hardened muscles

making them soft to bend


I am calm on the surface

but inside me, my waters are busy carving new paths

Erosion, forming new structures, new organs


My womb, all new


Pushing parts of me out further, and further

Making room


Carving the girl that was a mountain

into the canyon that will be the mother


Inside the bulge that has become my life:

My baby, my little one


She moves, like a whale beneath the waters

Nudging every so often at the surface

her small questions of life on the other side


Like land and sea,

we're strangers to each other

Yet two beings can never be closer

Waiting, 2016, Acrylic, Kristin Mays

Waiting, 2016, Acrylic, Kristin Mays

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