It Listens Sometimes

It Listens Sometimes

a poem by Diego Vela


Splendid Vision, 2019, Photo Collage, 12 x 15 inches, $600

Splendid Vision, 2019, Photo Collage, 12 x 15 inches, $600

“But, I worship the ground that you tread upon,

I adore you, if you will.”

Says the sensitive child to the

one rolling it’s eyes.

-Quick inhale…slowly…breathing,

waking waking…-

In a dream…

we wake alone in tender rooms.

In one that is far away

my tiny green deer stares at you

Stares at you, while you sleep

I left it in your room

the last time I visited

It insisted,

and I can’t change it’s mind

once it settles on it!

He set His foot down,

His hoof down!

“It is unacceptable!” It cries to me,

and asked to speak to a manager.

I am the manager I said, and it smiled

with batty eyes and a cheeky grin.

It visits my dreams

it reports the reports

it calls you a spoiled boyfriend

I tell it that you don’t

like that word

“Fine,” it sneers,

“friend then” it exhales,

rolling its deer eyes and

playing dead

sticking out its tongue.

“You’re exhausting…” it coos

as it lays on the ground

made of my hand

and stares at me

waiting for concede

my concede

to give it credence.

Its bristly skin twitches in spots

its dangled black tongue limp and soft

hangs from its mouth

it trembles and plays dead

more dramatically

its long tongue dry and fat!

It baas,



and a cruel liar!”

Stopping with a jolt of erectness…

“There is a noise…”

IT Baas, like a sheep

No, it cries like a goat

a frightened goat.

I bury you deep.

to hide and protect


The tiny green deer

sitting up


ears search,

green fur twitch,

raw head snap,

eyeballs roll,

all scanning! Scanning around…

“Where are you?!”…

it calls to me

with a tremble

many trembles.

Go back deer

Go back dear

Go back…

I say

There is a constant hum

under the noise…

the noise of the world

deep under the ground



where I can find you

where you can find me

waiting, wanting and listening.

About the author:

My poetry is very dear to me because it tends to be a sonic representation, and letters on a page that meet up to represent my visual artwork in a different way.

I was born in Texas, now living in New York City, via London. I graduated from, or rather survived, a private southern Baptist university in a tiny Texas town. Learning much about myself, my world and a little about art. Most of my “Learned” skill comes from just delving into new mediums to satisfy the compulsion to create.

To view the author’s art, please visit, as well as Instagram @diegodiablovela.

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