Life Is But a Test

Two Poems

by Jeremy Austin Grace

Artist:  GraceANN Cummings . Lack of Consciousness, 2017, torn paper in frame, 10.5 X 12, $300

Artist: GraceANN Cummings. Lack of Consciousness, 2017, torn paper in frame, 10.5 X 12, $300

A blank page is a blank page because your afraid to mess up the idea of a blank slate and all the writing could ruin the paper or touching it could tear it but what we don't realize is that the contents of what you have in your mind is what can possibly be the most beautiful thing in the world to someone.

Life is but a test that we all have not studied for not because we did not want to study for it but because we did not have the opportunity and that is the beauty of it. Life is also much more than a test because it's not about getting the right answers but it's about the experience you learn from the questions that rise and that you gave your effort. Life is a journey it is your own.

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

Jeremy Austin Grace is a retail professional and family man from Alabama, with a wife, a young daughter, and a baby on the way. He currently is a freelance writer; his genre’s include sports journalism, music and entertainment. He began writing poetry at 16 years old and has been writing now for seven years. Read his articles at and

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