Love in Silence

Love in Silence

a poem by Sweta Kumari


The Songs We Play, 2018. Artist:  Sarah Miller . Digital Painting Canvas Print (Limited), 22 x 34, $499

The Songs We Play, 2018. Artist: Sarah Miller. Digital Painting Canvas Print (Limited), 22 x 34, $499

Standing behind her back

Observing staring being insane

Her lovely smile and her curly hair

The countenance still I glare

For she didn’t notice I am there

And lost myself somewhere

As if, I am no more her share

And smoking my feelings with dare

Nevertheless, I am lost

In her thought, and care

In a hope of her one glance

If she gives that by chance.

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

Sweta Kumari (Gold Medalist, M.A.), a research scholar at Dept. of English, Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya, contributed poems, short stories and research papers in reputed national and international anthologies and journals. She presented scholarly papers in national and international Conferences and participated actively in workshops. Her area of interest is  Feminist Film Studies and Post-colonial Studies.

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