My Handbag

My Handbag

a poem by Shurouk Hammoud


Everyday (2018)  Artist: Clara Quintela . Embroidery, 4 m x 3 m - Exhibition at Popup Gallery

Everyday (2018) Artist: Clara Quintela. Embroidery, 4 m x 3 m - Exhibition at Popup Gallery

My handbag is full of caution

Buttons of all sizes

For sudden holes

Needle and black threads

To sew wounds of heart and clothing as well

Empty sanitary bags for vomiting cases that occur to those who live here nowadays

Wet wipes to wipe make up' shredders.

My handbag is full of futility

Polisher for my shoes those expired by long roads

A mobile phone that is full of people 'names I cannot any longer remember

My poor quality glasses

My optometrist prescribed

On the pretext that I do not see beyond my nose

Dry cigarettes and a lighter that staggers genetically

Dried flowers and poems whose papers did not accommodate

Hankies those got tired of farewells

And you ask me why does my back hurt?

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

 Shurouk Hammod "born in 1982 ", a Syrian poetess, literary translator, BA of arts graduate and a master degree graduate of text translation, Damascus University. She has three published poetry collections in Arabic language and two published poetry collection in English titled: (the night papers),(Blind time), in addition; excerpts of her poetry that have been published in many poetry anthologies in France, Serbia, Netherlands and India. She is a member of Palestinian writers and journalists union and honorary member at NAJI Naaman international library of honorary culture. She is an award winner of many local and international poetry awards, to include: Charles Baudelaire first prize for poetry creativity, 2018; Sylvia Plath medal for writing poetry 2017; Jack Kerouac poetry merit award 2016; Arthur Rimbaud merit diploma for writing poetry, 2015; Nazik al Malieka literary prize for writing poetry 2012; Alexandria public library prize for writing poetry 2012; and Naji Namman international literary prize for writing poetry 2014. She has been appointed as ambassador of the word by the Spanish Foundation Cesar Egido Serrano, in 2016. Her poetry has been translated into French, Finnish, Spanish, Bengali, Mandarin, German, Romanian, Italian and English. Email:

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