No Vacancy


a poem by Irma Kiss

Artist: Patricia A. Pecorella  Night Tears , 2017. Acrylic, 24 x 24 inches.

Artist: Patricia A. Pecorella Night Tears, 2017. Acrylic, 24 x 24 inches.

There. And there.

Some lingering scent. Unwashable.

Nostril in quivers and shudders of impatience.

Time stands still - a horse shot to death.

A gelatinous time with trapped sounds.

Insects caught in a net,

turning to dust between fingers.

Cotton mouth


an unwavering image

in the back of the eye.

An inaudible voice

before the heavy head hits the pillows.

the last conscious thought

of a tired mind.

An itch in the fingertips,

a sudden burst of heat.

Heartbeats fidgeting,

a taste of water,

an aftertaste of kiss.

A constant presence.

A room in one's mind.

No vacancy.

β€œTo read and to write are like drinking water. And i am always thirsty... β€œ - Irma Kiss

Photo source: Irma Kiss

Photo source: Irma Kiss

About the author:

I was born in 1978, in the small town of Hunedoara, in western Romania. I am bilingual in Romanian and Hungarian, as I am of Hungarian ethnicity. I have completed my studies in Romania, with a BA and and MA in English and Romanian Philology. I have been teaching English to students aged 10-18. I am currently teaching English grammar and literature at Iancu de Hunedoara National College and I am preparing students for Cambridge, Lelts and Toefl exams. I also published a book of grammar exercises for students: Practice Makes Perfect, in 2015. Writing is a hobby that I practice whenever I feel that simple communication cannot express the load of emotions that are trying to free themselves and be born.

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About the artist:

I am an emerging acrylic artist based in Santa Fe, NM. A life-changing sojourn in Japan and especially experiencing the ability of the Japanese people to "make space" inside no matter the surrounding noise, greatly influences my work. As a modern abstract expressionist, my work starts with mark-making to form a base, then continues with a multi-layering process moving between dark and light, adding and then subtracting, as I explore the experience of alternating constriction and expansion, of finding space to breathe amid the tangling nature of human relationships. The result is abstract imagery with a strong underlying structure. / Instagram

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