One With Nature

“Every day I carve wood. I'm experimentation. I am one with nature.” - the artist

Dance. 2019. Wood + epoxy. 34 cm x 26.5 cm x 4.5 cm, $450

Dance. 2019. Wood + epoxy. 34 cm x 26.5 cm x 4.5 cm, $450

First work - sculpture "Dance"

In this sculpture it was my goal to find the point of the fall—that moment when the stable support of the dance partner succumbs to the force of gravity.

I let the epoxy run free and connect the two pieces of wood as two people are connected through dance. It’s like an energy that they are sharing.

The epoxy bends, folds and flows like the skin at the joints of a body in movement. And the gold beneath the “skin” is like true treasure inside the hearts and souls of the dancers.

The work was inspired after participating in an art/dance workshop in Vladimir where dancers explored partnering and “movie dance”.

Fall. 2018. Wood + epoxy. 32 cm х 30 cm х 3.5 cm. $400

Fall. 2018. Wood + epoxy. 32 cm х 30 cm х 3.5 cm. $400

Second work - sculpture “Fall”

In this work I wanted to capture the moment of fear and sadness, when you realize that Fall is here. I wanted to capture the time that passes during this period of the year and one’s feelings about that passing of time.
Every year I find myself dreading the coming sadness of Fall, and I think this is visible in the piece.

About the artist:

I've been woodcarving since I entered a Moscow woodcarving school in 2012. My unique woodcarving technique is in part based on what I learned there.

I'm currently an art student at Stroganov Academy of art in Moscow. In 2016, I participated at the International handicraft exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal and 2019 participated in workshop in Vladimir, Russia.

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