Playing for Change

Two Poems

by Barry Plamondon

Playing for Change


Man sitting in front of the station, guitar in hand

There's a cap on the ground cardboard sign beside it

‘Playing For Change’ the sign says, the man softly strums

A few people throw coins , not many, still he plays on

Eventually a man in a three piece suit stops, he seems angry

“So you need some change to support your habit?” he asks

“No” replies the guitar player, “I’ve been clean and sober five years now”

“Everything I make goes to the battered woman’s shelter”

“They’re the ones that make the change”

“I’m sorry” mutters the guy in the suit and walks away

The guitar player starts another song ,he’s playing for change...

A Message in a Bottle

Across the sea the bottle did float

Contained within it a simple note

How it braved the waves, gales, and more

To at last wash up on a distant shore

Where a little girl holding her Daddy’s hand

Saw it laying there, all shiny in the sand

“Can we open it please Daddy” she pleaded

Dad smiled, no further words were needed

Her father opened the bottle, took out the note

One which someone from far away had wrote

“What does it say Daddy?” she asked, sneaking a peek

Dad stood there, a single tear rolling down his cheek

“Well, what does it say Daddy?” she asked again

He thought a second, “Peace on earth for all...Amen”

About the author:

Barry Plamondon is a published author and gardening enthusiast living with family in Greater Vancouver, Canada. He holds a diploma in Practical Horticulture from B.C.I.T, attended U.B.C in Arts for 3 years and is currently in his 4th year Arts at Thompson River University. He has authored eight books of poetry, has been included in several anthologies, is an administrator at the Facebook site A Poet’s Diary, is a member of The Holy Wow Poets in Maple Ridge and has appeared on the radio show, World Poetry Cafe.

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