Review of "A Plain View" Gallery Exhibit

Envision Arts strives to shine a spot light on artists from all the corners of the globe, and we’ve succeeded! However, I consider myself very lucky to live in a town rich with history, nostalgia, creative diversity and talented art: Denton, Texas. And I’m so happy that actor / artist / photographer / film genius, Jason Lee, calls Denton home!

Aside from his impressive career in the film industry, as well as a former pro-skateboarder, Mr. Lee is quite the film photographer, opting for expired 8 x 10 Polaroid as his preferred media.

And our local arts advocate, The Greater Denton Arts Council, hosted his solo exhibition, A Plain View, several weeks ago and I was more than excited to visit.

Photo by Ginger Cochran

Photo by Ginger Cochran

Mr. Lee’s work was an effort spanning the early months of 2017, in which he took expired color film photographs through “little” Texas. These striking images delve into the provincial scenes that dot along lonely Texas highways. They are a tiny window into rural America and it’s stories.

Photo by Ginger Cochran

Photo by Ginger Cochran

I looked at these photographs and saw my childhood. Growing up in a small town (then) Waco, Texas; however, not so small anymore. But with smaller towns…with their leaning houses and quaint little general stores, more and more disappearing, it’s almost as if a part of your childhood has disappeared as well.

And there was a brief sense of heartache, immediately followed by urgency, for me. Just how long will these buildings, structures and stories last? Who knows.

Deterioration is a potent wake up call.

Photo by Ginger Cochran

Photo by Ginger Cochran

But not all my hope was lost with this exhibit. I also felt a nostalgia so fierce, it was as though I saw my great-Mamaw once again… sipping her coffee, by the heat of the old gas oven. Afgan in her lap and all.

Thank you Mr. Lee for a beautiful look into what I have missed for so long. Perhaps what many of us have missed.

A Plain View has been published as a book, the second installment of an ongoing exploration of rural America; signed copies available for sale here. Follow the artist on Instagram @jasonlee.

To learn more about the arts in Denton Texas, visit the Greater Denton Arts Council website at


About the author:

Ginger Cochran is a contemporary, mixed media abstract artist, poet and Polaroid film photographer living in Denton, Texas, with her husband and two sons. 

To see more of her work, visit and Follow her on Instagram @gingercochranart.

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