a poem by Eslam Dabank

Hands, 2018. Artist:  Marissa Kucharek . 35mm Photo Print, 8 x 10, $15

Hands, 2018. Artist: Marissa Kucharek. 35mm Photo Print, 8 x 10, $15

Yet, unabolished,
Like a draft, we are,

Written with the hands of those we put higher,
Whom put us lower, without calling the sire,
And throw our futures, into their-made acrid fire.

Mired in a world of fictional elite,
Writing our destiny on the margins of the sheet,
Neglecting the sound of horrified feet,
And reserving them, to death, a seat.

We fought along this crowded path,
We derived our power from gained wrath;
From the lies they all confidently claim,
From the truth they from, try to refrain,
Our dreams are nothing but a bruise
Their cracks, to build lives, we shall use.

It's comical to see the world diverge,
At the end of all the roads,
we'll only find a lonely dirge,
A burnt carpet, a grilled arm,
and endless wreckage;
Left behind the stigma of their greed,
for wars,
Scores matter. Long live the scores.

Love and remorse have been exhausted,
Polar opposites float along the shatters of wounded souls,
On the recklessness and rationality, the abyss.

Each colourless emotion soon gravitates,
Sadness will prevail while happiness rotates,
Around endless deaths, and mourns.
with a void no one can erase,
While emotions evolve toward dissolution,
each beating heart shall find a lie,
To be its own solution.

Love and remorse rot in vain,
We are, the undesired sacrifice of Cain,
Memories of the past burn within us all,
The delicate flower hovering along zephyrs,
Fragrant and enriched by the snow's kiss,
Was the second to, for mayday, call.
Man now lives in the flames of pain,
Love and remorse were the first to fall.

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

Eslam Dabank, a Palestinian Ukrainian artist, poet and songwriter. 19 years old. Was born in Sumy, Ukraine, but currently living in Bethlehem, Palestine, and also a student at Bethlehem University. Eslam is a businessman, a writer, a poet, an artist and an illustrator. A first-place winner of several poetry contests, has a locally-well-known brand under his name, and is co-founder of Jabra Group in BU. He speaks four languages: Arabic, English, Russian and French. 

"I started my journey of literature at the age of 15. I wrote in Arabic at first, then took a turn to English. I would describe my writing style as dark, mysterious and decently-mannered. I like to turn messiness into perfection and "written art" - as I usually call it." - the author

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