Spring Fling



We were pleased to have received numerous submissions from talented artists across 10 US states and 6 countries, including France, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom and Canada. We could not be more proud to reach so many amazing artists from around the globe!

We are pleased to announce Best in Show winner as Margaret McNiel, from Dallas, Texas, for her piece titled Wissen Again, 2019.

Wissen Again, 2019, Oil on Linen, 16 X 20 inches, $500

Wissen Again, 2019, Oil on Linen, 16 X 20 inches, $500

About the artist:

Margaret McNiel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, in Connecticut, as well as a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN. She has also won several fellowships and scholarships from University of Texas.

“I use saturated colors and distorted images to create paintings of a hallucinatory, synthetic natural world.  I want the things I love to go together.  Funkadelic Bridget Riley painting Dutch flowers.  

Imagine that you take your painting, grab the edges, squish, twist, stretch and compress.  And you’ve got something else.  Or you could do it this way: take your images, stack them up, use your photoshop eraser to show what’s underneath.  

The surface is a metaphor.  Both itself and something else.  It’s still the flat rectangle and the space tipping back to all eternity.  That is one of the great things about painting.  That, and the pure pleasure of seeing.  I think a lot about what people like to look at.  I want to give them that.  I want to spread petals at their feet.” - from the artist

To view more work by the artist, please visit www.margaretmcniel.com.

I’d also like to take a moment to list our honorable mentions for this exhibit. Lina Valland Lyngset, acrylic painting, and Stephanie Guillen, photography.

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