Springtime Now

Springtime Now

a poem by Daniel Miltz

Lean Into the Light - Dogwood, 2018. Artist:  Stephanie Lawhorn . Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 20 inches, $600

Lean Into the Light - Dogwood, 2018. Artist: Stephanie Lawhorn. Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 20 inches, $600

Cold Winter dances away happily

Singing softly in gaiety

To the heavens jubilation

Life creates with resolution

The spring-time moon now in harmony

Shines with golden symphony

Reflecting in orange pale ivory

Nature rests in splendor bedrocks

While birds race in flocks

Stars twinkle through the night sky

As sunrise awakens across, the horizon eye

About the author:

Daniel Miltz was born in Michigan and now comfortably retired, resides in Hampstead, NH.  Devoted 40 years to an Engineering profession; now contributing value to society through his writing as a freelancer Writer & Poet. Academically, Daniel is a ‘Mechanical Design Engineering’ degrees holder from Detroit Engineering Technical Institute & Lawrence Technological University. In his engineering career, he triumphed in the Aerospace Industry, and many Government Aerospace military programs. Now these days, he is writing a fiction novel, based on his past experiences. He has won over 75+ accolade awards from numerous Poetry Forums and has been in sixteen anthologies with two published books to date.. As a young aspiring writer, he was fascinated and guided by the spontaneous prose and poetry written by the writers of the 'beat generation.' Writing poetry has been Daniel’s passion since his early bohemian days living in California.

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