Tae a Puddle

Tae a Puddle

a Scots poem by Kit Duddy

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

Yir sic a bonny thing, that sees the sky

and greenery. Wi unkent fathom near

always black, maist mithers gled tae

see you gaun as the washin pile

gaes higher.


The street wains gaither roon yir girth,

wi wild sair smiles an fu owe mirth

tae see wha's first.


The canny yin gaes in wan fit first,

the next yin then daes twa.

The cheeky sod fae up the street

sends in his ain fitba.


Oh! puddle whit a playthin there,

nae even worth a shillin

Left ower fae the mornin’s rain

tae wains yir worth a million

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

[Kit Duddy is] a retired retailer and former housing officer, 72 years young and writes poetry both prose and rhyme as a pastime, […} and has been writing for approx 9 years.

My poems are of rhyme and prose although I prefer rhyme, I write in English and in Scots. My work is both creative and reactive, stemming from the work of artists/photographers, but also from personal inspiration.” - quote by the author

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