The Eyes

The Eyes

a poem by Brea Holmes

I felt your eyes scan my face

As you sat on the arm of theatre chair across from me

You secretly stared as I talked to a friend

I turned and your eyes bored into mine

Your eyes shifted from admiration to worry

But I pretended not to notice


This wasn’t the first time

But it was one of the last

Not knowing that the countdown was

Only seconds away from us parting


I wanted to know why you looked at me that way

What you were you searching for

You always scanned me when I wasn’t looking

You watched me and said not one word

I pretended not to see

The way you looked at me

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

Brea Holmes is a 26 year old poet from Riverside, CA. At a young age, she had always had a passion for writing.  She created her own short stories and poems, and always enjoyed reading. Her first poetry book titled, To the Loved and Lost, is available on Amazon.

She still writes now, as a form of expression and therapy. Feel free to follow the author on Instagram @bee_the_poet.

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