The Float

The Float

a poem by Ginger Cochran

I am very still.

My chest barely moves with each breath.

I am calm. I am warm.

I feel a rolling sensation across my skin and along my scalp, pushing every follicle straight.

I close my eyes. I am comforted.

I lift above and beyond my weight. Only like lifting a baby.

I feel the air all around me and the pounding of my own heart.

I feel a peace I have always known was there.

I open my eyes and find I am right where I was.

Not Your Whole Self, 2016. Photography, iPhone 6+

Not Your Whole Self, 2016. Photography, iPhone 6+

About the author:

Ginger Cochran is an emerging poet, residing in Denton Texas. She is currently working on her first poetry collection, Doorways, to be published in 2019. To see more of her prose, visit Self Labeled.

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