The Unique Half-Moon Shape

The Unique Half-Moon Shape

a poem by Ginger Cochran

Embrace, 2016. R. Suzanne Beltran.  Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 29 inches

Embrace, 2016. R. Suzanne Beltran.

Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 29 inches

The Light filters softly through the window

highlighting the dust particles in the air


the unique half-moon shape from the shadows of collected items in the lights path, rests on the maroon, floral carpet


she counts the petals in their motif and imagines a secret garden

she descends into the light and clumsily attempts her sultry look


The curve of her mocks all pre-conceptions of beauty and grace. And her eyes playfully dance at the shadows of the trees onto the walls

Her veil is strategic

Her mystery is breath-taking

About the author:

Ginger Cochran is an emerging poet, residing in Denton Texas. She is currently working on her first poetry collection, Doorways, to be published in 2019. To see more of her prose, visit Self Labeled.

About the artist:

I [ R. Suzanne Beltran] paint and create art with a deep sense of consideration for man and his fate in the ever changing world, using vibrant intense colours, creating layers, lines, shapes and textures, juxtaposed like thread that allows movement of images, that finds an outlet on canvas. The combination of these elements create expressions that are spontaneous but subtle, connecting feelings and thoughts, into mysterious pieces, not only of colour and form but of energy and hidden meaning. My style and perspective allows me to create art that is a relevant, instinctual life force and universal thread, connecting the dance of life.

To view more work by the artist, please follow the artist on Instagram @_zannieb_art.

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