Throwing Up

Throwing Up

a poem by Deema Mahmood


I'm throwing up,

I Don't Have Time to Feel Like This, 2018. Artist:  Emily Cavender . Graphic marker, 9 x 12 inches, $75

I Don't Have Time to Feel Like This, 2018. Artist: Emily Cavender. Graphic marker, 9 x 12 inches, $75

Yes throwing up!

I curse the genes that bound me to the human race

And handed me over to this chaos


I wish I were a mangy or a Shirazi cat,

A mad or a well-bred dog.

I don’t care,

I wish I were a little bird,

Or a fly teeming with microbes from dumpsites,

Endowed with a pair of wings

To go far away and pull my soul

Out of this stinking human neurotic pit



I’m searching for an exit.

I’m suffocating and floating in nausea.

Thick foam is choking me and no way to stop that!


Translated by Norddine Zouitni

Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

Deema Mahmoud is an Egyptian poet, born in 1972. She holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences and Statistics, 1993. She‘s held the position of Professor assistant for many years in the departments of Computer sciences, Mathematics and Statistics in both the College of Education and the College of Health Sciences in Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Her publication include Braids of Spirit (Poetry), Dar Al-Adham, Cairo, 2015; I Pick Quarrels with the Horizon over a Violin (Poetry), Dar Al Ain, Cairo, 2017; and a third book of poetry in progress. Many of her poems have been translated into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and published in several anthologies in those languages. She has participated in many poetry and cultural events inside and outside of Egypt.

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