To Be

“To read and to write are like drinking water. And i am always thirsty... “ - Irma Kiss


a poem by Irma Kiss


“Retroactive Love Icon” Artist: ME Wilcox. Mixed media sculpture.

“Retroactive Love Icon” Artist: ME Wilcox. Mixed media sculpture.

You are in the ink
and in the flicking of the pages.
You are in the taste of squeezed oranges
and in the darkness of chocolate.
You are in the dusted pink color of the clothes I'm wearing
and in the pattern of lace and silk.
You are on the radio station frequencies, putting on music.
And in the clicking of the camera
Taking shots.
You are in the space in the ribcage, on the left.
And in the blinking of the eyelids
rhythmically watering my eyes.
You are.

I am in the paper that absorbs your writing
and on the fingertip flicking the pages.
I am the glass holding the orange juice
and in the sweet kiss aftertaste of chocolate.
I am the memory of the hands removing clothes
and in the sweat glueing two heated bodies.
I am the song played on every radio station, everywhere .
And on the background of every photo you'll ever take.
I am in the space in your ribcage,
on the left.
And in the space between the seconds-
Where your mind lingers.
I am.

I am.
You are.

Photo Source: the author

Photo Source: the author

About the author:

I was born in 1978, in the small town of Hunedoara, in western Romania. I am bilingual in Romanian and Hungarian, as I am of Hungarian ethnicity. I have completed my studies in Romania, with a BA and and MA in English and Romanian Philology. I have been teaching English to students aged 10-18. I am currently teaching English grammar and literature at Iancu de Hunedoara National College and I am preparing students for Cambridge, Lelts and Toefl exams. I also published a book of grammar exercises for students: Practice Makes Perfect, in 2015. Writing is a hobby that I practice whenever I feel that simple communication cannot express the load of emotions that are trying to free themselves and be born. / Facebook

About the artist, ME Wilcox:

I earned a B.A. and a B.F.A. in Studio Art and Art History from UT Austin.  I’m also a professional certified Art Teacher, having taught art in Texas public schools and in various international schools in SE Asia.  I’ve always been very interested in world art & craft, folk art and art history.  I spent many years living and traveling abroad - collecting and studying various artistic traditions and immersing myself in different cultures.  My experience overseas both directly and indirectly influences my current art practice, which includes photography, fiber arts, print-making and mixed media. I’m especially interested in the concept of identity - an interest which developed as a result of living abroad for numerous years.  I explore issues of memory, identity, culture & tradition, which may include references to historical art iconography, global art traditions, and places that hold meaning for me.  Images, textiles and objects that I’ve collected may also appear in my work. I love the whole process of art-making!  It’s my intent to make interesting, meaningful and visually appealing art work.  I hope viewers enjoy my work.


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