Transcending Definitions

Transcending Definitions

a poem by Scott Thomas Outlar


Art is not an institution…

Untitled, 2016. Photography, iPhone 6+. Ginger Cochran

Untitled, 2016. Photography, iPhone 6+. Ginger Cochran

it is an inner fire

born out of those

whose eyes pierce deeply

into hidden burning beauty.


Art is not a class taught by Academia…

it is a holy vibration

pulsing through the veins

of those who sense the truth

of this world’s perfect purity.


Art is not a transaction…

it is a soulful expression

that has no choice

but to be released

as a reflection of the Source.


Art is not a sales pitch…

it is an intense emotion

coupled with a vision

of crystalline transcendence

that ruptures open new dimensions.


Art is not yet ready for the grave…

it is a raging protest

against the mortal flesh

that sings the sweetest melody

about overcoming life’s suffering.

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