We Sit In The Silence

Two Poems

by Valida Baba

We sit in the silence of a noisy world We look around seeing only what we have.

Comings, goings are all around. We sit in the silence – waiting for a new world.

One man speaks, another man listens. Two men spoke but silence heard – Words moved from one space to another.

Language exchanged yet nothing has changed.

They spoke, they silenced: One went to the right –another to the left.


To be tough and strong, is it me or does it want to be me? So much in me, too much in me, how to let it be?

Ballet, perfume, powder, the smell of a theater – to let it go? Can it go? …

And it happened. How? It happened. When? It happened. Ballet, perfume, powder – to let you go?

Can you go? Can I go and come back? Will you take me back?

The chain is broken…Time, Space, Form – now, boat, movement One organism, two bodies, perfect connection.

Who says you cannot fly? Push! Stand on your feet! Embrace!

Who says you cannot move? One step right, one step back. Time, space, form – will you lead me back? Do you know how to take it back?

One step left, one step further, Stop now, listen now – Must follow me now, lead me later. One step back, one step further.

And it happened again. How? It happened. When? It happened.

Re-la-tion-ship! Does it relate to ship or life? Who will carry and lead me? – Trust! Will you lead me?

One step back, one step further. Stop now, ought it to end now? Who will bring the end now?


Photo source: the author

Photo source: the author

About the author:

Valida Baba (1988) was born in Azerbaijan. She completed her BA in Business Administration at Azerbaijan State Economic University (Baku, 2010), Azerbaijan. In 2013, she was accepted into a Short Study Program in English at the Department of Photography at FAMU (Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague), Czech Republic. She studied at the Department of Documentary Photography by the atelier Viktor Kolář. She recently graduated from MA of Humanities at the Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic, and now she is a freelancer in the art sector of Prague.

You may learn more about the author @valida_baba, as well as vimeo.com/validababa.


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