a poem by Pasithea Anima Libera

When thoughts dance

to beauty in semblance

life regains balance.


When words give reference

to beauty making a difference

expression creates reverence.


When music leaves dissonance

melody bids performance

lyrics sung with elegance.


When brushes sketch variance

canvases exude substance

in shades worth remembrance.


When moves stretch magnificence

with passions beyond temperance

dance transcends influence.


When chisels etch credence

vision creates relevance

from form exceeding existence.


When expression is vigilance

that paces reality’s grievance

art is passed in brilliance.

Untitled, 2017. Ginger Cochran, SX-70 land camera.

Untitled, 2017. Ginger Cochran, SX-70 land camera.

Author's Notes: Art is a collection of expressions that render vigilance pacing life's grievance with brilliance. This definition is the epitome of how art transcends through time, trends, emotions, cultures, and remembrance.

About the author:

As a Lebanese/Filipina poet who writes under the pseudonym: Pasithea Anima Libera, I have very diverse styles but as an impressionist I find myself most comfortable writing in symbolism and philosophy.

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