Words Will Save Us

Words Will Save Us

a poem by Ella Wylynko


Photo credit: the author  @wylynko

Photo credit: the author @wylynko

i wake up

holding your body

i want to remind it

that it is made of saran wrap

truncated sentences

and willow bones

i want to remind it

that eulogies aren’t allowed to take up the entire sidewalk

or bolt themselves down

i want to ask it

not to to be its shadow anymore

but the question hangs in the air

words have a lot of weight for something you cant hold

but your body is the weather not the climate

it is tired metaphors

and too many full stops

held together through convention not commonality

somehow so beautiful

a city scape at dusk

this body burns up before it notices the consequences


i though i could only love strangers

because i never considered myself a stranger

but the sun has managed to bleach this body clear

and i can see myself in it

sometimes i feel like a bath tub

sometimes i forget that

i can still drown in the shallows

if i forget that

remind me

this is your body my body our body

tied together through imagery

do we exist as more then descriptions

we speak about the earth like i

speak about my body

in third person

a stranger

In our arms


i write myself in third person

because it is a survival mechanism

we write nature in third person

because we don’t want to admit the destruction of words

language is a living breathing organism

and my voice is an entire ecosystem

in which no one ever dies


i wake up

and i cant quite tell where my body ends and yours starts

we pretend as if we are separate from you - the ground beneath our feet

but what if i told you

you are the earth

we know

history books are the biggest white lies

why does no one question dictionaries

we repress all other meanings of a word

to convey the one message we wish to tell

i think i am in love not with strangers; because that includes too much of myself

not shadows; because i may slip into one

not metaphors; because our country is built upon their bones

i am in love with

what i can tell you

and what that will make you believe

am i still talking in third person?

or am i asking the earth not to become another eulogy?

just another burning cliche

but maybe we find comfort in the repetitive nature of nature

of humans

of language

for no one has ever held us

the way words do

About the author:

My work is primarily socially, politically and philosophically conscious. I believe in the power of art as a means of positive change and progress, that art is about finding the perfect balance when it comes to exploring and exposing political and social issues. Making the concepts understandable yet critical and not turning them into digestible forms (like the media tends to do) that are over simplified to the point of falsehood or misinformation. Because we need political art to help question the frameworks and consciousness that we have been socialized and internalized. 

To learn more about the author / artist, please follow @wylynko.

Cover imagery from @wylynko.

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