River As Meditation

River As Meditation

a poem by Dah Helmer


How elegant the river flows

near giant boulders that rest

like shaved heads.


We come to know these things

by simple names,

sky, clouds, this river

inside the valley, moving

its golden vein,

with tree stumps, like dark fists,

holding the shore.


Inside this great vision

water is everywhere

with its intelligent run

to the ocean, dragging bones,

possum, puma, pulling them

like broken god parts


Photo credit: Juliet Menrae

Photo credit: Juliet Menrae

About the author:

Dah’s seventh poetry collection is Something Else’s Thoughts (Transcendent Zero Press) and his poems have been published by editors from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Singapore, Philippines, Poland, Australia, Africa, and India. He is a Pushcart Prize and Best Of The Net nominee and the lead editor of the poetry critique group, The Lounge.

Dah lives in Berkeley, California, where he is working on his eighth book of poetry.

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